PlanO2 offers top-quality consulting services targeting our clients’ needs, abilities and dynamics.

We support our customers in their personalised development. To make this happen, planO2 is constantly reshaping to meet and fulfil the expectations of our clientele.


Our services are reorganized into the design of each project. Every business is unique and authentic. Even more unique are its needs and prospects.

To meet each and every particular requirement of an organization within its environment, we redesign our operations based on the client’s scope and scale.

Our challenge is to constantly exceed our limits and astonish our customers.


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In principal, the company relies on its human resources. We produce added value for our clientele as our team consists of hardworking, ambitious, and experienced professionals. Experts whose hobbies are to constantly acquire knowledge and collaborate to create value.

      By respecting today, we create tomorrow.


Five steps and ten questions

A good idea is necessary, but not always capable for the success of a business plan. There is a set of parameters to be considered in order to increase the chances of an investment plan’s success.

 Each business plan should respond satisfactorily to the following 9 + 1 questions, which are based on the model of Lean Canvas.

1. What is the problem that the investment solves?
2. Who are the clients?
3. What is the comparative advantage of the investment?
4. What is the proposed solution?
5. Is the solution easily replicable?
6. Which are the revenue streams and pricing strategy?
7. What are the basic costs and initial expenses?
8. How will the development and progress of the investment be controlled and evaluated?
9. How will the customers be approached?
9+1. Is it possible;

If the answers to the above questions are positive, the investment is organised into the following steps:

– Decision Making / Initiation
– Planning
– Execution
– Monitoring & Control
– Completion


The business environment is ever-changing. Surviving businesses are the ones that can adapt and invest properly and wisely. The future of a business is the result of actions performed today. The business growth model is influenced by actions which have been or have not been done at the right time, with appropriate resources at the optimal place.


Underway is the preparation of investment proposals and business plans of companies that are going to be active in the Tourism Sector.

Applications for funding will be accepted electronically from 18-12-2017 for the Action “Strengthening the Establishment and Operation of New Small and Medium Tourist Enterprises“.

The budget per investment plan can reach up to  €400,000 and the amount of funding an enterprise can receive levels up to 200,000 €.

The “ENTREPRISING BEYOND” Action is also on progress apart from the Action for the Tourism Sector. The “ENTREPRISING BEYOND” Action enhances the visibility of companies that focus on manufacturing exports through their participation in foreign exhibitions. The amount of funding each business can receive reaches up to € 50,000. Electronic submissions for this actions start on 8-1-2018 and will be followed by a priority order upon the approval of the business plans.


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